Screencast4Linux: Ustreaming Your Desktop on Linux

Screencast4Linux is a software designed for exposing desktop in real-time on, or similar web services that require a webcam.

We can use ManyCam on Windows, or CamTwist on Mac. But there was no such software on Linux. That's why I created Screencast4Linux.

If you just need screencast software to create software instruction, etc., I recommend streamer or ffmpeg because they are more flexible on settings.


On Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna.


This software requires libx11 development package for compile. So please install it before.
Corresponding package names are following.
  • Debian
    • libx11-dev
  • Redhat
    • XFree86-devel


Screencast4Linux 0.2

Development Code

Development code tree is hosted on github.

Yusuke Yanbe,
2008/09/26 4:35